After the success of Ethereum in 2017, we experienced the moment of the bursting of the ICO bubble in 2018: more and more crypto projects were launched every day. At that time, so many crypto exchanges were created. The crypto derivatives market was a complete mess. But in 2019, many problems started to get fixed. Crypto exchanges started to improve their risk control capabilities. The derivatives market became more transparent and efficient.

With the crypto market stabilizing and growing rapidly, more investors from traditional financial markets may enter the crypto derivatives market. Exchanges with robust trading systems, high security standards and word of mouth can dominate the crypto derivatives market.

Bitget as a leader on the crypto derivatives platform

Launched in 2018, Bitget is now the dominant platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading with many innovative products including bitcoin and other futures contracts. Our efforts have resulted in a huge customer base of 2 million users from 40 countries. In terms of scale, Bitget is truly the world’s largest digital copy trading exchange, with over 55,000 professional traders accumulating total revenue of $300 million and their 1.1 million subscribers accumulating over $350 million. Bitget is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform and is recognized by TokenInsight as the 3rd best crypto derivatives exchange in terms of liquidity.

Responsible use of leverage

Bitget users can conveniently maximize their profits with leverage. More volatile assets will have lower leverage levels to reduce traders’ exposure to extreme price fluctuations.

At the same time, we strictly require users to comply with our margin requirements and have introduced risk margins to help users better withstand liquidation risks.

Real-time basis

Another unique feature of Bitget is that profits and losses are calculated in real-time, which is our guarantee of a sophisticated and accurate data system. Traders will be able to manage their account according to the market, constantly improving their trading knowledge and skills.